If you store your art at the Van Dycke Art Storage, you’ll experience that trust and discerty are in our DNA. We want to do everything to make sure that you never need to worry about the storage of your art. Only a limited number of our employees and none of the other clients have access to your art collection. To deliver alle these promises we provide the following services.

General storage

For a yearly price we can store and protect your pieces of art. You can store between one to one hundred pieces of art with us. We use Turtle art crates to store and transport the items, which we place on shelfs. The Turtle is a versatile and secure insulated crate, especially developed for art. This way, we can store both small and large items easily. To learn more about the way we store art and our prices, please make a appointment.

Private saloons

We have 100% tailor-made rooms. These are fully customized on issues such as color, size and decor. These rooms can be used for storage and permanent display. You Have 24/7 access to your art collection.

Security & Protection

Services Services


The bunker is located very close to Airport Weeze on the Dutch and German border. With our logistics partner we can provide secure transportation from anywhere in the world to the Van Dycke. It takes less than 30 minutes from the moment the art leaves the plane till the moment that it enters the storage facility.

Our location is also perfect for transportation on the road, since it’s close to several highways. If your art is transported overseas, we can transport it from the harbor of Rotterdam to our facility in less than 2,5 hours.

Monitoring and reporting

If you always want to remain up to date about the condition of your art, we have a service for monitoring and reporting. We can deliver monthly, weekly or even daily reports of the conditions of the art. The experts of Van Dycke do this without even opening the crate. This way, you can stay up-to-date of the condition of your art while keeping it safely secured.



A comfortable showroom

Van Dycke Art Storage has a nicely decorated and comfortable showroom wherein dealers of art can show their art collection to customers without the art should leave the building. As a art dealer you can transfer the particular item you want to show to the showroom, without having to show your entire collection.

It is possible to rent a showroom with a private pantry, toilet and corresponding reception room inside the protected area of the bunker. The decor of this showroom can be decorated as you wish: you can provide your own art to the showroom, select a larger table, other chairs, customizable light supply, audio system, etc. Even a catering belongs to the possibilities. Our 52,5 square meter showroom can be separted in two rooms. In short, everything is customizable to your needs. Please feel free to contact us for the possibilities.


A comfortable showroom