The Van Dycke Art Storage does everything to ensure that your art is protected against any type of threat. For that reason we made an analysis of how we can protect art in the best possible way and developed these seven types of protection.

  1. Risk Assessment

For every piece of art that is being stored at Van Dycke, we do an extensive risk assessment. That way we evaluate the best way for the storage of your priceless piece of art.

Shocks and shakes

  1. Thanks to the box-inside-a-box architecture every piece of art is protected against all forms of shocks and earthquakes.
  1. Fire

The Van Dycke facility was designed and build as an atomic bunker, because of that it is impossible for outside fire to enter the structure. On the inside we went to extreme lengths to make sure a fire can’t break out.

  1. Water

Of course water can not penetrate into the facility. The facility is located more than 20 meters above the Dutch sea level, whereby the risk of flooding is excluded.

  1. Bugs

The Van Dycke has a specialized system for detecting bugs which can damage the art. This is an addition to the sluice function of our doors, which makes sure that all bugs stay outside the facility.

  1. Air pollution

The air in the storage facility is 100% filtered, and thus polluted air has no chance to come into the building. It is possible to completely separate the air from outside from the air on the inside.

  1. Radiation

Since this is an atomic bunker, all rooms are protected against any form of nuclear radiation.



Protection Protection


This atomic bunker, built by the British in 1984, is provided with a structure that is designed to be extremely secure. There is only one way to enter the facility, so digging a hole in the roof or a tunnel underneath is not an option. On top of that there are several different layers of security, which we can demonstrate in a personal appointment.

The layers are divided into biometrical security, human security and different kinds of locks. The alarm system itself is completely locked of from the outside world and the internet, which makes it impossible to hack. The security measures are installed by multiple security firms and experts, so there is no third party that knows the full security plan of Van Dycke.

Please make a personal appointment with Van Dycke to learn more about the extensive security measures that will protect your priceless art.

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