Van Dycke

This door is the only way into the only atomic grade art storage facility in Europe. An atomic bunker built by the British, located in Germany and secured by the Dutch, you can’t find a more protected place for your art than Van Dycke.

Atomic grade

Van Dycke Art Storage may just be the safest place in Europe as the facility can literally withstand the impact of an atomic bomb. With walls up to 9,85 meters thick and a shock free box-inside-a-box concept, the Van Dycke offers Atomic Grade security and 100% protection of hundreds of pieces of priceless art.

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The experts of Van Dycke Art Storage installed seven different layers of security such as biometrics, locks and human verification. This high end security system is developed in 2015 by different companies, each with their own specific field of expertise. The staff is handpicked and they are all certified for the professional handling of art. Everything is being done to take art security to the next level.Security & protection

Perfect conditions

The best thing about the Van Dycke facility is the fact that the perfect conditions for preserving art are created by the construction of the building. Day or night, summer or winter, it makes only a small difference for the temperature and humidity inside the art storage. Without heating or cooling, it is always a constant 20 degrees celsius and the humidity is between 45 and 50%. Also the overpressure inside the facility makes it impossible for dust or bugs to get in. At Van Dycke the perfect conditions to store priceless art are always present.

Facts and figures

about Van Dycke Art Storage

The Van Dycke Art Storage facility has the most sophisticated security and ideal conditions, but we all know that the most important thing when it comes to preserving and protecting your art is trust. Since it was established in 1947, the company has always been run by the family Van Dijk. The Van Dycke facility was built in 1984 by the British and is located at an active airport in Western Germany, near the Dutch border. This makes it the youngest military atomic bunker in private hands. Please feel free to contact Van Dycke Art Storage to make a personal appointment, because trust is in our DNA.
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